Past Presidents & Award Recipients


April 2020-2021  Kathy Cortopassi

2019-April 2020  Amanda Creel Godfrey

2018-2019           Valerie McFarland

2016-2017           Rebecca Bazzle

2014-2016           David Roberts

2012-2014           Cynthia First, RPR, CRR, CCP

2012                     Glenda M. Kemp, CVR-M

2012                     Jean Cole, RMR, ACR

2011                     Kristen A. Bryan (Resigned)

2009-2011           Rebecca A. Bazzle, CVR

2007-2009           Tina F. Behles, CVR, ACR

2006-2007           Jennifer L. Thompson, CVR

2005-2006           Shirley Dallas-Gerrald, CVR-CM

2003-2005           Mary Ann Ridenour, RPR

2002-2003           Jennifer S. Smith, CVR

2001-2002           Kathleen Dore

2000-2001           Donna Martin, CVR

1998-2000           Mary Ann Ridenour, RPR

1996-1998           Shirley Dallas-Gerrald, CVR-CM and Wanda Buckner



The Horizon Award, created in 2000 by Mary Ann Ridenour, RPR,  is a distinguished service award presented annually at the sole discretion of the President.  It is bestowed upon an individual who has served the profession of court reporting, displaying untiring efforts and outstanding judgment towards the furtherance of the court reporting profession.

2011           Sandra K. Brown, CVR-M

2006           Judy Comp-Sternik, CVR

2005           Doris M. Garber

2004           Jean Cole, RMR, RPR, ACR (Official)

2002           Shirley Dallas-Gerrald, CVR-CM

2001           Glenda Kemp, CVR

2000           Sandra Burgess

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