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Membership in SCCRA is open to individuals who subscribe to and support the purposes of the Association and who are skilled in the art of verbatim reporting by the use of shorthand symbols manually, by stenomask, or stenotype machine. Membership year runs April 1 through March 31 of each year. Dues are payable on or before April 1st.

General Membership

General Members include any person who meets one of more of the following requirements:

  • Any person who is an official court or legislative reporter.
  • Any person who is a participating or professional member of the National Court Reporters Association or the National Verbatim Reporters Association.
  • Any person who has attained the National Court Reporter Association Certificate of Registered Professional Reporter or Certificate of Merit or National Verbatim Reporters Association Certified Verbatim Reporter or Certificate of Merit.
  • Any person who is the holder of a certified court reporter certificate mandated by state or federal law.

Annual Dues: $75.00

2023 General Membership
2023 General Membership
Price: $75.00

Associate Membership

Associate Members include any person who is not currently a practicing court reporter.

Annual Dues: $50.00

2023 Associate Membership
2023 Associate Membership
Price: $50.00

Student Membership

  • Any General Member in good standing on retiring from the active practice of court reporting may become, upon application to the secretary, an Associate Member of this Association; any proofreader, scopist, videographer, employees of court reporters, and others interested in the ongoing interest in the profession upon board approval.
  • A student enrolled in a court reporting course may become an Associate Member.
  • A teacher of shorthand or shorthand reporting or anyone connected in an official capacity with a school or college conducting a court reporting course may become an Associate Member. Such persons need not meet the requirements for skill in the art of verbatim report of proceedings.

Annual Dues: No charge

2023 Student Membership
2023 Student Membership
Price: $0.00

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