2021 SCCRA State Conference

Upping Our Game

Saturday, October 2, 2021 & Sunday, October 3, 2021

SCCRA is excited to bring you our Conference in 2021!  CHANGED TO REMOTE VIA ZOOM

Our theme (again) this year is "Upping Our Game" ... and we have some Heavy Hitters on the roster.

Meet the 2021 Speakers


Jason Meadors, NCRA Board Member, will be hosting our Ethics Jeopardy game!


Kathy Cortopassi


Kathy has been SCCRA's President for two years and a reporter for 13 years and CART/Captioner for over 30 years.

She is currently an Official Resident Reporter in Mecklenburg County, Charlotte, NC but still owns Voice to Print Captioning.  Kathy has served on numerous committees of NCRA, presented a couple seminars for NCRA, participates (and sometimes earns a medal or qualification cert) in NCRA’s Speed Contest, Realtime Competition and the Guinness Book of World Records competitions.  With 5 kids and 10 grandkids scattered all over the world, she should earn some frequent flyer miles visiting them all!  In her spare (yeah, right) time, Kathy interprets ASL for the Deaf at her church, is learning Japanese, works out at Orangetheory Fitness as well as with a personal trainer, and is trying to turn two dresser drawers full of handwritten notebooks into books.  Any publishers out there (hint-hint)?


Kimmel McDiarmid


Kimmel McDiarmid is an Official Court Reporter for the State of North Carolina, Resident, District 15-B, Orange and Chatham Counties, North Carolina.

Kimmel attended Brown College of Court Reporting and Medical Transcription from 1990-92 before moving to Quantico, Virginia, and completing her court reporting speed requirements at the Reporting Academy of Virginia while also working part-time at the school for the Director.  Once she completed her speed training and while living outside of Washington, D.C., she worked both in person and remotely in the US Congress reporting subcommittee hearings from 1995 to 1997.  In 1997, she moved back to Atlanta, Georgia, in order to complete her training and internships and graduate from Brown College of Court Reporting and Medical Transcription, which she accomplished in December of 1997.

In 1998, along with her husband and two children, Kimmel moved to North Carolina.  On April 1 of 2000, she began working for the State of North Carolina as an Official Roving Reporter, stationed in the Durham area.  In March of 2001, she took the position she currently holds as the Resident Official Court Reporter in Orange and Chatham Counties.  Kimmel served on the Board of the North Carolina Association of Official Court Reporters in roles varying from Vice-President, elected President, and Immediate Past President, and now continues to serve as Chairperson of the NC-AOCR Education Committee.


Tori Pittman


Tori Pittman, BA, FAPR, RDR, CRI, CVR-CM-M, RCP (phew) is a freelance reporter and scopist from North Carolina. She has been involved in the profession since she became an office manager for a freelance agency in Raleigh in 1990.  Over the past three decades, she has participated in most aspects of the court reporting profession – she has been a trainer in her chosen CAT, has served in leadership positions in her state associations, and has volunteered for national committees. In addition, she has served as a mentor for 30 or more reporters and currently offers training sessions for new reporters. Throughout her career, she has been a strong proponent of continuing education and an advocate for production efficiencies for court reporters and, most especially, for continued participation in state, national, and even INTERNATIONAL court reporting opportunities.


Teri Sampson


Teri graduated from Alfred State College in upstate New York in 1985 with an Associate’s degree in Court Reporting.  Teri became nationally certified with NCRA in 1995, licensed in Georgia in 2002, in 2008 became a Certified LiveNote Reporter and has served as a director on the SCCRA board.  Teri has reported in Charleston for over 35 years, with the exception of a short stint in Chicago and Atlanta.  Teri writes realtime and takes depositions on a wide variety of cases, including personal injury, Workers’ Comp, medical malpractice, construction, domestic, environmental and patent litigation.  In her off hours, Teri and her husband are busy restoring their house and adopting rescue dogs.


Mary Ann Ridenour


Mary Ann graduated from Cittone Institute in Edison, New Jersey, in 1991.   Immediately upon graduation, she and her husband moved to Charleston, South Carolina.   She worked for a small firm until 1994, when she started a new firm with partner, Teri Sampson, and several other reporters.   The firm took several forms with various partners until Teri and Mary Ann rebranded as Magnolia Reporting in 2018.   Beginning in 1994, Mary Ann served on multiple boards and committees with SCCRA and NCRA, including ten years on the SCCRA board in the positions of director, secretary and president.   With NCRA, Mary Ann was a RAINmaker and legislative liaison to nine southeastern states for several years, chaired the 2002 midyear convention held in San Francisco, served on the Ethics First committee, and served two consecutive terms (six years) as chair of the Committee on Professional Ethics.   She has presented many seminars and written multiple articles for SCCRA, NCRA and Bar publications.  When not working, Mary Ann and her husband, Bill, now empty-nesters, pretend to be retired by riding their bikes to Folly Beach and working in their vegetable garden.


Jason Collins

Owner - Collins Computer Consulting, LLC

Jason Collins has been fascinated by computers and electronics most of his life.  What began as a hobby fixing computers led to Jason taking a leap of faith and walking away from a job at the United States Postal Service to start Collins Technical Solutions, LLC.  14 years later, Jason has over 500 customers in South Carolina and Georgia. Now operating as Collins Computer Consulting, he provides maintenance  and service agreements to businesses, including

the Town of Batesburg-Leesville.  Jason has numerous networking and security certifications with Microsoft, Cisco, and CompTIA including Network +, Security +, A+, MCSA, and  CCNA. Jason says the largest challenge of his job is, “Keeping customers up to date with current technology, and explaining security concerns to my individual and business customers.”  His hobbies include College Football, going

to concerts, and traveling.  Jason resides in Batesburg, SC with his wife, Faith.


Rachel Artis

Owner/Executive Editor
Sopherim & Associates

Rachel Artis is the owner/executive editor at Sopherim & Associates, an international scoping and proofing agency. She has scoped and proofed for 10 years with over 140+ court reporters worldwide, trained over 70 persons to scope and/or proofread, and trained CaseCATalyst and Eclipse users, inclusive of court reporters, to optimize their software for their unique needs. Today her agency works with high-volume reporters, delivering quick turnaround with the use of RealTeam. Her innovative approach to transcript delivery increases reporter productivity and their bottom line. In 2020 Rachel began the development of a team of court reporters in Nigeria to assist them in reaching their career goals globally. In 2021 Rachel co-founded and launched Scoping International, an online school for scopists. Rachel spends her time consulting and coaching professionals in the field to build their own teams in an effort to deliver top-notch transcripts in these ever-evolving times in court reporting.

2021 SCCRA State Conference

Saturday, October 2, 2021

8:30-9 Networking

9-10 Session 1 ALL - Online Platforms Best Practices - Mary Ann Ridenour & Teri Sampson

10:05-10:15 Break or Networking

10:15-11:15 Session 2 - BREAKOUT Steno/Voice

Steno - Kimmel McDiarmid Autoindexing 1

Voice - Tori Pittman Using Speech Recognition Engines to create a text file in real time (Focusing on Dragon)


11:15-11:30 Break or networking

11:30-12:30 Session 3 PANEL - Kimmel McDiarmid, Tori Pittman, Rachel Artis - Tricks to Getting Transcripts Out Faster Reporter/Scopist Tips & Tricks

12:30-1 Lunch - Kristin Anderson, RPR, NCRA Vice President will speak to us and then install the new SCCRA Board

1-1:30 SCCRA Business meeting 

1:30-2:30 Session 5 CART Captioning - Basics needed to Transition - Kathy Cortopassi

2:30-2:45 Break or networking

2:45-3:45 Session 6 - ALL - Jason Collins - Preventing laptop failures, Best backup routine 

3:45-4 Break or networking

4-5 Session 7 - BREAKOUT Steno/Voice

Steno - Kimmel McDiarmid Autoindexing 2 Keyboard Editing, Advanced Transcript Production, Steno Swap

Voice - Tori Pittman - Working as a Realtime Voice Writer (For yourself AND for sale!)


Sunday, October 3

8:30-9 Networking before sessions

9-10 Session 8 - ALL - Ethics Jeopardy - Jason Meadors

10-10:15 Break or networking

10-11 Session 9 BREAKOUT Steno/Voice

Steno - Kimmel McDiarmid Autoindexing 3 Eclipse meets CaseCat

Voice - Tori Pittman Moving Forward - Keep Challenging Yourself. 

11-11:15 Break - networking

11:15-12:15 Session 10 - Building a Quality Team for Reporters - Rachel Artis

2019 SCCRA Conference Attendees

Great conference. It is apparent a lot of time went into the preparation.

You guys did a tremendous job this year! So much attention to detail, even down to the swag. Everything was well-organized and it was an excellent agenda.

Loved it!

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